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MIKE HYNSON'S Endless Summer Model

Regular price $1,099.00

 Size   5'10" 


Fit  Riders with all skill levels

Tri-fin    beginners - intermediate

Twin-fin    intermediate - expert

Single-fin    advanced - pro


Longboard Surf Style - Perfect for people who love to cruise behind the boat

Prefect Size - The Hynson comes in 5'10" and that's perfect (trust us)

Volume Control - Less volume in the center section provides increased stability

Increased Nose Rocker - No-Dive nose technology to help prevent diving. 

Round nose section - For hanging 5 or even 10 Longboard style

Narrow tail section - For maximum playability and a loose feel

Subtle V tail - This increases stability and easy turning

Hobie Fins - Injection molded Hobie Fins are made with 20% Carbon, 30% Fiber, and 50% Nylon for minimal flex, maximum control and increased speed.

With the addition of legendary surfer Mike Hynson to our design team, we have merged the 1960's world of Hobie Surfing with the new age of Wakesurfing. In 1966 the movie
The Endless Summer was released and Mike Hynson went from surfer, to rock star. In the movie he traveled the world surfing his iconic Hobie Surfboard with the Red White and Blue stripes. We have partnered with Mike to make a replica called Mike Hynson's Endless Summer Model. This is an absolute dream to ride and will quickly become the favorite of every rider on your boat. The Hynson comes with see through Griptolite traction on the deck, tri-fin set-up for multiple riding styles and will blow your mind with its rideability and longboard style flow. 



Fin Options
(Carbon fins coming soon)
4.0/8* Sticky with a smooth release (Note: 4.5/0* center fin) 4.5/8* Twin-Fins and 4.5/0* center fin for maximum stability (Best


140 lb - 270 lb
Perfect for one rider, two riders or even something more crazy if you can think of it. Also perfect
for larger riders that are looking
for something that can keep them in the
or bring them back to the feel of the Dana Point Rollers.

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