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Customer Experience

We want you to be stoked about our boards and service. Partially to be self-serving so you’ll refer your friends, but mostly we want you to love your everything about Hobie wakesurf boards.

One Time - Free Dent and Ding Repair:  When you buy one of our boards we will fix your first ding or den you get during the first year for free! If you live in Utah, just swing by the shop and we’ll hook you up. If you live outside Utah or you would rather send it in, contact support for an RA #, box your board in the original box, and send it in. We will fix your first ding or dent free of charge. You only pay the shipping to the shop.

10 Day Ride Happy Guarantee: We know you’ll love your Hobie wakesurf board but in the odd chance you don’t, box it in the same box we used and ship it back and tell us which board you want in replacement. We will pull it from the rack and send it out to you. No questions asked. The board must be in excellent shape so we can resell it.  So if you have a ding in it and you have damaged it in anyway, please call us before you send it back. We want you to have the board of your dreams but we also don’t want to crush those dreams because your board isn’t resellable. So if you have questions, hit us up we are happy to talk to you. at

The Story of Hobie Alter

In 1950, Hobie Alter makes his first venture into surfboard building in his father's garage in Laguna Beach. Fast forward to 1954, and Hobie opens his inaugural surf shop in Dana Point, marking a crucial point where he connects with surf industry pioneer and fellow surfboard maker Gordon "Grubby" Clark. Together by 1959, they introduce easily customizable polyurethane surfboards. In 1964, Hobie sets a world record by wakesurfing behind a motorboat on a daring 26-mile journey from Long Beach to Catalina Island. This stunt, initially a publicity endeavor, goes on to lay the foundation for the sport of wakesurfing. The release of the iconic Bruce Brown surfing film "The Endless Summer" in 1966 stars Mike Hynson riding a Hobie surfboard featuring his own red, white, and blue striped design. This same surfboard is also surfed behind a boat wake during the movie. This monumental film catapults Mike to become one of the most recognized surfers in the world. Fast forward to 2023, and Hobie is venturing into the world of wakesurfing. We've teamed up with Mono Wakesurf, known for their cutting-edge board-building techniques and deep appreciation for surfing history. Mono's lead shapers and designers, Chris Ruddy and Cecil Read, have worked with Hobie to design a remarkable lineup of boards, each paying tribute to our heritage with nameslike The Dana, The Grubby, and Mike Hynson's Endless Summer Model.

Our goal is to honor Hobie/s legacy and make waves in the world of surfing.

Join us as we ride these waves into the history books through this exciting collaboration.

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